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Witness as I stumble through this beautiful life with my husband, the love of my life, and raise our twins, a single, and quads. Yes, that is 7 children, with 5 that are age 3 and under. Oh, and I also work full time!

Kimberly is a winner of Top 25 Moms With Big Families - 2013

What has having a big family taught you about motherhood?

Motherhood? I used to believe that being a Mother meant being in control. And my OCD brain thinks being in 'control' is actually controlling the children. And as a first time mother I sure spent a lot of effort and my energy trying to 'control' my twins. However, now, 7 children later, I feel that 'controlling' my children may be too harsh. I don't want to take away from who they are, so now I simple try to guide them.

What tips do you have for meal planning?

I don't do meal planning.

How do you get your children involved with chores? Please share what age these tips are appropriate for.

My tweens have a list of daily chores to complete and in addition help out whenever and where ever they are needed. I try to emphasize the 'family first' philosophy and teach them to try to pitch in help any time someone could use a hand. My littles are age 3 (x4) and 4. They do not have a daily list, but are expected to help in any areas that they are capable.They help make their beds in the morning, clean up each area they play in, pick up the house before bedtime. This age is so easy since they love to feel useful. One of their favorite things to help with is unloading groceries. They can carry a bag from the van into the house and put them away. Now, I have occasionally found a yogurt stashed in the pantry, but all in all they do very well and are very proud of themselves.

What's the single most precious memento you have from your children's infancy that's not a photo? Please incude a link to a picture if you're willing to share!

Kimberly King

I adore those tiny coming-home (from the hospital) outfits. I hung them in my laundry room. Seeing them is a daily reminder of how precious each of my 7 children are.
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