Knocked Up Fabulous

Not wanting to succumb to yoga pants and my husband's t-shirts, KUF was started during my second pregnancy...showing that motherhood doesn't stop one from looking fabulous. (The occasional diy and major scores from thrifting helps, too!)

April is a winner of Top 25 Fashion & Beauty Moms - 2013

What is your favorite place to find clothes for children?

I find tons of clothes for my kids at thrift stores. I have found everything from brand-new winter jackets, to day-clothes, and even "princess" dresses for my 4-year-old to play in...why pay full-price for something that they just grow out of so quickly?!

What tips would you give to a mom who is trying to remain stylish while raising a family?

First of all, know your body type and become familiar with what flatters your figure the most. After that, dress in clothing and accessories that make you feel great about yourself. Don't save things for "special occasions"...just wear them!

What's one beauty product you would recommend to all moms?

Lip color! A little bit of red or pink (or even orange) on the lips helps lighten up the face. Plus, it'll help distract others from noticing how tired you really are!