The Koala Bear Writer

A stay-at-home mom with two daughters and a third baby on the way blogs about juggling motherhood and other dreams.

What's a great destination for a family vacation in Canada?

Jasper! I grew up going on summer vacations there and then went every year during university with my girlfriends. There are lots of great places to stay in Jasper, from campgrounds to nice B&Bs to fancy hotels. Plus there's lots to do - hiking, swimming, canoeing/kayaking, whitewater rafting. You can join a tour or just pick up information at the Ranger Station in town - and the rangers are always friendly.

In what ways is your home town unique from other places you've lived or traveled?

Currently my home town is Victoria. The weather here often reminds me of Sydney, Australia. It's more expensive to live here than back in Alberta (where I grew up). Victoria offers lots of bike trails and bike lanes, tons of great beaches - both saltwater and freshwater, hiking trails across a variety of terrain, etc. If you have special dietary needs, Victoria has way more options for vegan or gluten-free than other places I've lived.

What outdoor activity do you enjoy doing most with your kids?

Hiking! We all like getting out and exploring.