Lattes and Juice

I am an American mommy living in London. Follow along with all my adventures as a SAHM with my darling husband and little monster. My blog is filled with style, fashion, design, food, travel and all things fabulous!

Angela is a winner of Top 25 Kids' Style

What inspired you to start blogging?

One of the biggest frustrations I had with being a stay-at-home mom was that I felt I had no creative outlet. My days were all very similar with playgroups, park trips, naps, chores, etc and I just felt that I was losing myself in the process. Of course I am grateful that I am able to stay at home and raise my son and really do love all of our time together, but I really needed to start doing something for myself. I read tons of blogs and always really admired other bloggers for putting themselves out there and sharing all of their stories with us. Blogging is so amazing because it is such an easy way for me to get back to work creatively. I was getting asked constantly by friends and strangers where did I get this or that and for other recommendations. So I thought that starting a blog would be such a great way for me to share my new experiences of motherhood with other people. Whenever I click that post button it just makes me feel so good inside and that I am actually doing something for myself.

How do you keep up with the latest kids' fashions and being a mom?

It is so easy to get stuck in a rut because our days of being moms are filled from the moment we wake up to the second our heads hit the pillow. In the evenings I try to make an effort to give myself some quiet time to browse the websites from my favorite brands/shops, bloggers that inspire me, and flipping through magazines to keep up with what is going on. With London at my fingertips, I always try to drag my little monster shopping once or twice a week. It helps me feel connected to the world, and better yet I can call it market research. Of course my all time weakness is Zara since they are always so on trend and everything is so reasonably priced that it's hard not to walk out of there with something for me and the little monster.

What are three things parents should think about when styling their kids?

1. Comfort is always the biggest factor when dressing my little monster. My little one is very active like most toddlers and I definitely need to make sure that his clothing is easy for him to move around in and that the fabric is super soft.
2. I absolutely believe in splurging on a couple of good quality basic pieces for each season that are easy to layer with other pieces. Staples for me are a great pair of jeans, a couple of basic cardigans, and a simple but well made jacket.
3. I'm such a sucker for anything navy and white striped and what kid doesn't look great in stripes? It is so classic, timeless and will never go out of style.