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Just laughing at those day to day embarrassments that remind me that my life is a bit of a joke.

Rhonda is a winner of Top 25 Funny Moms

What inspired you to start blogging?

Funny thing. Although I am still a somewhat new blogger, having started in Sept, my blogging style completely changed around the beginning of the year. I wasn't really inspired, but rather pushed into blogging by a chatty group of on-line friends at Squidoo as a promotion tool. Sadly the adjectives to describe my blog at that point would be boring, uninteresting and shameless self promotion. So, those posts are gone. Poof. They simply don't exist in cyber space any longer.

Now my inspiration comes from you. Well, not specifically You, but readers. People actually think I am funny, and I love that. I was funny as a child. I was funny as a teen, I was even funny until I hit my early 40s. Then I moved half way around the world, to a country with a different style of humor. One where they don't do sarcasm. I do sarcasm. I grew up with it, and it just flows out sometimes. Now, I get told off. Blogging is different, I can be me. My friends who don't do sarcasm don't follow, that's ok. My new friends with my twisted sense of humor do. Thank you.

What are three distinctive features of your blog?

1. Highlights the obvious, my life really is a bit of a joke.
2. My tween and teen are an endless source of humor, continually setting me up for those little day to day embarrassments.
3. Gleaned from true life experiences.

What are three adjectives that describe your blog?

1. dynamic
2. snarky
3. entertaining
4. light-hearted

How do you keep romance alive when you have children?

Rhonda Albom

My 50th birthday is just around the corner and we are off to an exciting 4 days in Sydney. My travel agent booked us a suite in a five star hotel with magnificent views of Sydney Harbour. I told my father the details and to my horror he replied, "You're bringing your children? How are you going to have birthday sex?" As for the romance, we go on a weekly date, and treat it as such. I even wear make up, I stand and wait for him to open the car doors and we don't talk about the kids.
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