Learning With Mom


As a Wife, Mom, Pastor, Teacher and soon-to-be Homeschooler, Jasmine created Learning With Mom to support other new moms and provide resources for homeschooling or supplementing school education.

Jasmine is a winner of Top 25 New York Moms - 2013

What do your kids love most about living in New York?

They love the changing of the seasons, especially playing with the snow in Winter.

What's a great destination for a family vacation in New York?

Niagara Falls

What's your favorite affordable outdoor activity to do with your kids?

They're still very young, so the park is still a wonderland to them. Best of all for me, it's free!

We moms know a good deal when we see one! What's your favorite deal website or blog for families and why? Please share the link.


I always use EBATES.com to shop for kids' clothing. I get a great deal on cash back. And they also send Amazon.com gift cards! You can try it. I've pasted the link below:
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