life is good lick the bowl

Licking the bowl became tabu to my son until I learned how to cope and bring the ritual back safely. In the food allergy means that you can be like everyone else and have your eggless-nutless cake-which probably tastes better too.

What's your go-to product or brand that gets around your child's food allergy?

Enjoy Life Products....the chocolate chips are amazing and melt beautifully. My chocolate chip cookies just wouldn't be the same without them.

What's one thing you'd like all moms to know about food allergies (either about your family's specific allergies or in general)?

They can be frustrating at times, but with a little patience and self-education they are manageable.

What's one of your favorite recipes that's safe for your family's food allergies?

I make killer chocolate chip cookies (nut, egg and dairy free). The best compliment you can receive is when people tell you..."wow, I can't believe these are made without eggs." When non-allergic individuals are jealous of your son's allergy free know life is good.

What advice would you give to a mom who just found out her child has a food allergy?

Find a good allergist-one who listens to your concerns

Don't rush to every site on the's overwhelming, and there are too many websites out there that are erroneous, and play on your fear and frustration. Pick one or two reputable websites.

Find a good allergy free cookbook, and try an easy recipe...boost your confidence. You can bake/cook allergy free without being a great baker.

What's a great allergy-safe food to bring to a party?

I usually bring a dessert...the favorite, number one, simple, best loved dessert is....the humble chocolate chip cookie!

What's your go-to cooking shortcut?