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What's the funniest thing your child has ever done or said?

My munchkin is only six months old so I don't have any fun sayings, but she did have a poopsplosion that threatened to bring my Hubby to his knees so yea that was pretty hilarious and horrible at the same time.

What always makes you laugh?


What's the funniest gift you've ever received?

That is a tough one. Once I got an all seafood buffet dinner in my name, and I do not eat one bite of seafood...I ate the dinner rolls. I think the funniest gifts so far are my daughter who makes me smile and laugh everyday, and my Hubby. God sent some special people in my life and I'm totally laughing with them not at them...most of the time.

What helps you stay organized? Whether it's a special coupon binder, calendar app or color-coded closet, we want to know all the little tricks and products that help keep your life organized. Please share a photo if you have one.


I'm one of those slightly neurotic people who have to be organized. I wouldn't say I'm OCD or anything, I can walk away if there are a few dishes in the sink and I'm just too tired to do them. I can't however stand to be disorganized and cluttered. I came across the idea to do an organizational binder from Pinterest and took that idea and ran with it. I have to say I'm mildly obsessed with my binder. I have everything we could possibly need in it for any emergency or scary situation, and it has ALL of our super important documents in it. It is literally everything you could possibly need at your fingertips how could anyone resist? I use to have it lying around then Hubby pointed out that it has our bank account, s.s. numbers, and birth certificates in it and I was testing fate by leaving it out on the counter so now it's hidden but still within a moment's reach because I look at it at least once a day. I have everything broken down into tabs: 1.Week at a Glance 2. Week of Meals 3.Baby's Folder 4.Medical Folder 5.Family Yellow Pages 6.Important Family Documents 7.House & Home Documents 8.Banking and Bills 9.Mommy's Folder It really will put your mind at ease to get everything you could need together in one place. There is no stressing, or digging it's all there and you can feel accomplished and smug when you need to find a receipt and you know EXACTLY where it is. Visit my blog for a breakdown of the tab PLUS all of the free printables I use with it.
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How do you stay energized?


I have recently discovered the power of essential oils and haven't looked back since. I don't know what I would do without them. My munchkin's sleeping schedule has been WAY off and some days I barely get five hours of sleep and I need some energizing....STAT. In those days that I need a quick boost I take a shower first thing. I dial the temperature pretty hot, and add 1 drop of Peppermint essential oil directly to the side of the shower wall so the steam and heat disperses it. Similar to a Vick's shower soother, but the smell is pure mint and gives instant energizing power, I LOVE it. It wakes me up and makes me feel so much better! Also because of the wacky sleep schedule I've found myself stressing over getting it back on track, and on those days when I feel so irritated I just take a whiff of Lemon essential oil and I feel instantly happier and that things are just going to be ok, it just makes me smile. I would definitely recommend giving them a try!
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