Out on the Range with Granny Simplicity


A glimpse into the off-grid life of a family striving to become self-reliant. I try to live the "old way" using the methods of our Grandmothers. My blog is a place where I hope to inspire and teach others the lessons I have learned.

Momma is a winner of Top 25 Southern Mama Blogs

What topics do you cover in your blog?

If you are interested in the off-grid lifestyle and doing things utilizing the "old ways" of our non-electric ancestors, then you may enjoy my blog. We are a family striving to live a life of simplicity on our homestead. I talk about everything from how to do daily chores without modern technology, homeschooling, parenting a low functioning autistic child, canning, gardening, to any other topics that happen upon my way as our family makes this journey.

I recently changed my blog name & url after learning that there is an author using the Prairie Mom handle in Oklahoma. Mine is the same blog as it has always been with all the old posts still there. I just updated the name & url. My blog is now named, "Our on the Range with Granny Simplicity". The url is http://grannysimplicity.blogspot.com

What's unique about raising children in the South?

Southern children are typically raised to be respectful of their elders. They are taught good work ethics from a young age. Their family often has a strong religious foundation. The children can be quite ornery at times, but they never seem to lose their respect for Momma & Daddy.

What's a great place for a family to vacation in the South?

The idea of a vacation is to get away from it all and go somewhere that you can enjoy famiy and de-stress. I cannot think of anywhere better to go than my own homestead. I love the life I have and enjoy my family. No need for me to go anywhere. I live daily in the best place there could be. For me, my daily life is my vacation.