Life via Lens

Between 'firsts' and other milestones, we are left with so much to bear witness to as parents. As a mom of 3 crazy little ones, I created Life via Lens in an effort to capture these special moments in time and preserve them for years to come. :)

Lauren is a winner of Top 25 Photographer Moms

When Photography Became an Important Part of My Life

Photography became an important part of my life when I became the mom to three children under the age of two. My son was 16 months old when my identical twin girls were born and, simply put, I needed an outlet away from my newly expanded, and chaotic, family life. Also looking for something to claim as my own, entirely outside of the realm of "mommy", photography quickly went from "hobby" to "passion" for me. I found myself switching out fiction for photography books while also surfing photography-related websites more so than mommy ones. What had started out as a simple hobby and outlet for me had completely transformed into a passion as I strove to learn all that I could about my camera, the mechanics behind taking the "perfect" photograph and how I could become a better photographer.

What Makes a Great Family Photo

In my opinion, emotion "makes" a great family photo. Posing, props or even the perfect outfit will not speak nearly as much to a viewer as a glimmer or smiling eye will.

A Tip for Taking Photos of Kids

In the words of my very wise mother, KEEP YOUR SENSE OF HUMOR! Photographing children is a very challenging task. I find that rolling with the punches and allowing them to be themselves, rather than fighting with them in order to get the posing just right, produces happier photographs (and happier children!) in the end.