Life as we know it with Two Twinkies & a Tater Tot

Raising a pre-schooler & twin toddlers couldn't get any more hectic...but we wouldn't have it any other way!

Heather is a winner of Top 25 Moms of Multiples - 2013

Between getting kids dressed, fed and out the door on time mornings can be hectic! What tips do you have for making morning routines easier?

The first thing I do for a successful morning is to keep more than one alarm set. There is always a snooze button & if you are anything like me, one who doesn't fall asleep well at night (what mom does, with all the things running through our minds!?), having more than one alarm makes it more likely I'll get up on time. The mornings that run best for us are also ones where the kids sleep well past when I wake up. However, if they do get up while I'm still running around drying my hair, making breakfast, & getting clothes ready, having something easy for them to snack on (think dry cereal) and a little cartoon on t.v. is not something I'm ashamed about. Making sure things like backpacks & lunches are prepped the night before are also a must. The kids are good about knowing our routine. They have the same spot they get dressed every morning, they know they are expected to put their pjs in the hamper afterward & put shoes on following that. They know we brush teeth right before we walk out the door and that when I'm getting my coffee ready it's time for them to load up in the car. I think ultimately the biggest thing with making morning routines easier is making sure the kids know the routines, too. If they know what to expect everything runs easier.

People often say twins and other multiples have an extra special bond. Has there ever been a time when you noticed an especially unique connection?

As my girls have gotten older there are quite a few times when I get to sit back and just watch them and enjoy the bond that is twins. Sometimes I'm not sure if it's all a twin bond or even just a sister bond (growing up I only ever had a brother), but whatever it is, I love being a spectator.

What are your tips for celebrating joint birthday parties?

We've gotten to the point in our life with preschoolers that we are over the BIG parties. We focus on making them fun for the kids by doing what they want to do. Small, simple, but fun. Stretching them out over a few days always makes it better, especially when celebrating a two for one deal you have with twins.

Some toys remain favorites for years; can you recommend one for young children (age 2-5)?

Heather Kahoun

Some of the toys my kids love to play with most are the most simple of toys. Blocks are always lots of fun for them, they love to stack them and the proceed to knock them over! They also love anything that is centered around pretend play, like their play kitchen & food, baby dolls & strollers, and their dollhouse with all it's matching pieces. And although I know they aren't toys, books are always a favorite in our house! Board books with lots of bright colors and objects they can name are the best at this age in order to build their vocabulary. We have lots of fun reading together. Take a peek into our playroom with the post provided!
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What's your family's favorite recipe for chicken or tofu?

Heather Kahoun

Chicken is eaten a lot around our house, in many different ways. My son loves chicken nuggets (of course) but my girls are more open to eating chicken in different forms as well. Just this weekend we had Cajun chicken pasta, and they gobbled it down. One recipe that is very similar to this pasta is something called Chicken Spaghetti (link below). It's got to be, quite possibly, the easiest chicken dinner around. One last go-to is just slicing up a few chicken breast into tenderloin sizes, adding a bit of oil to a frying pan, and cooking them until golden with a little seasoning (any that you choose really) then serving with a little honey mustard.
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