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I blog to remember these long days that pass by so quickly. Our life is sweet and sometimes full of crazy. I strive to be real as I share with you the joys and struggles of marriage, mothering and schooling the 3, soon to be 4, little people I...

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What's your kids' favorite backyard game?

Greta Eskridge

More than any other game, my kids love to build things. FIrst they have a vision: pirate ship. Then their imaginations go wild, and using a wide variety of supplies, they build a pirate ship in the backyard. They ask for duct tape, sheets, and the broom. They use the benches from the picnic table, chairs, and fashion telescopes from old wrapping paper tubes. They don costumes and bring out stuffed animals as the crew. And then, when their ship is complete, they set sail. It's magic. All it takes is some imagination on their part and lots of supplies provided by a mom who is a willing partner in their games. Yes, I might have to wash some extra sheets, and I have to find a place to save things like old wrapping paper tubes, but it is worth it to see their dreams become a reality. It's worth all of it! Greta Eskridge
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