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I am proud mommy of a mischievous redhead (and where did that hair come from?) living in Los Angeles. I am happily married to a smart, talented and handsome young man who supports all of my insane endeavors with a smile & by helping to take care...

What's the best parenting advice your mom gave you?

Lindsay O'Neil

My mom passed on a piece of advice that her father gave to her: "Love your child more than anything and make them your first priority...that will guide every decision you make. If you love your child, and they know it, the rest will fall into place." My mother has said this to me many times, and it's something that I try to remember when faced with difficult decisions. It's amazing how a simple credo can be so powerful and true. So, I attribute that piece of advice to both my mom & grandfather...and someday I'll pass it along to my girls.
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