Lisa Runs for Cupcakes

Lisa Runs for Cupcakes chronicles my adventures in running and living an active lifestyle and serves as a way to hold myself accountable to my fitness goals. I hope that my readers and followers will find the motivation they need to meet their...

Lisa is a winner of Top 25 Outdoorsy Moms - 2013

What's your favorite affordable outdoor activity to do with your kids?

I love hiking or walking with my daughter on local trails or state parks. She enjoys the time exploring outside. Every summer, we try to head to Maine for some extra outdoor adventures. We love to walk along the beach, collect shells and rocks, and kayak to small islands nearby. Right now we are also very fortunate to live close to Washington, DC. There is so much to see on foot in the city, without any costs!

What tips do you have for spending time outdoors when its cold?

I find that I am the one with the issues heading outdoors when it is cold, not my daughter. As long as she is bundled up, she is usually more than willing to head outside to play. It always helps to have a little hot chocolate waiting when you get back inside too!

What's a great vacation destination for families that want to spend time outside?

I really love Maine for an outdoor family vacation. Picking blueberries, hiking, kayaking, and just plain old exploring are some of the things that my family enjoys while visiting ME.

Can you recommend a children's book or series that's great for summer reading? Please include the ages it's appropriate for.


My little one is currently obsessed with Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes. She is just shy of two years and adores listening to the story of Pete as he keeps movin' and groovin' down the street in his brand new white shoes. He encounters some pretty serious messes along the way; but, no matter what, it's all good! And if your little one loves this book, there are a few more Pete stories that you can add to your collection!( Parental Warning: You will get these catchy Pete tunes stuck in your head!)
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What's a great way to relieve stress? (The more unusual the better!)


I love RUNNING and this is what naturally comes to mind when I hear the word stress. If you can't find the time to squeeze in a run by yourself, try and get outdoors for a game of tag with your kids. You will be amazed by how you feel after sprinting around the yard! Go on, get out there and try it! You might even forget what you were stressing about before you went outside.
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What's a great theme you've done for your child's birthday? Please share a link with a photo.


My little one is going to be two in September, so we have only partied to one theme so far and that theme was the Very Hungry Caterpillar! We had a lot of family come in to town so we had lots of extra hands in the kitchen to help out with a lovely dinner and homemade cupcakes for dessert. The Very Hungry Caterpillar made his debut throughout the decorations and my absolute favorite were the cupcake toppers! I can't help myself when it comes to sweets so everyone went home with some chocolate covered pretzels. Yum!
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