This Little Blog of Mine

This Little Blog documents the family life of photographer/momma Jenna Henderson, owner of White Rabbit Photo Boutique. She is most known for her work with Disney Fairy Tale Weddings, and enjoys lots of family photography adventures.

Jenna is a winner of Top 25 Photographer Moms - 2013

Do you have any good tips for teaching children about photography?

There was one time where I was asked to take photos of my sons pre-school. My son was so upset that I was taking photos of anyone else besides him! To help him feel okay, we gave him a toy camera and he followed me around and helped me pose the other kids. Since then, he'll often come with me on shoots with other children. He helps break the ice and keep them laughing, and knows how to help me pose.

As the mother of a curious toddler, I would say to keep them as involved as possible. Explain what you're doing, and ask how they feel about photographs and if they like them, and why. Do they make them happy? Sad? Angry? Ask what they think the other people in the photograph are feeling. This will help them understand why you take photographs, and help them learn to express themselves through photography.

Where is your favorite place to take photographs?

My favorite place to take photographs is at Disneyland. There are so many cool textures, lighting setups, and fun situations to photograph. It's so easy to break the ice and get people smiling. There are tons of fun props, like cotton candy or silly hats. The possibilities really are endless. I love bringing my wide angle lens and shooting on an attraction. Getting pictures of people mid ride makes for the most fun photographs.

What's a creative tip for taking good photographs of children?

Giving kids a fun and colorful item for them to interact with is a great way to get natural and fun photographs. Giving them things like colorful tissue paper, silly string, bubbles, paint, glitter. It gives them something to do, but also makes those photos look creative, fun, and un-posed. You get to photograph kids being kids.