The Littlest Lesnaus

A snapshot of our crazy, chaotic but awesome life with twin girls, a handsome little man, and our amazing quadruplets. When we were on the roller coaster ride of infertility I never thought we would have seven kids in four years!

Krista is a winner of Top 25 Moms of Multiples - 2013

Between getting kids dressed, fed and out the door on time mornings can be hectic! What tips do you have for making morning routines easier?

Mornings are very busy for us between getting four babies changed, fed (bottles & solids) and dressed plus get the three older kids fed, dressed and hair done which is a must for this momma AND then we must get ourselves acceptable to be seen in public. If I know we have to be out of the house early I try and pack as much as I can the night before. I make sure I get up plenty early to have time to shower and get myself ready before the kids get up. I have also learned to wake my husband up right after I get out of the shower so that he is done getting ready around the same time so we can divide and conquer. If we have to be somewhere really early, say before 7am, I will pack a breakfast for the car such as dry cereal, string cheese or hard boiled eggs with the yolk removed. This saves us time and the kids love having a picnic in the car! A soon as we are ready to go we have the big kids get in the van so they are contained. I load the babies into their seats and Paul starts taking them out to the car. After all seven kids are in the car I do one more sweep of the house and grab pacifers and anything else I may have forgotten. I always plan an extra 30 minutes longer than what I think it should take to get everyone ready to go. If only one parent is home than the same stuff occurs but takes longer!! Planning ahead is key to getting everyone out of the house on time.

People often say twins and other multiples have an extra special bond. Has there ever been a time when you noticed an especially unique connection?

My twin girls are 5 and they were our first children. I didn't really notice any kind of special bond between them until they were around 2.5 years old. I first started noticing it when we would be playing at the park. They would be playing on different things but would always know where the other one was. They were totally fine playing separately as long at their they could keep an eye on their twin.

I also see this bond when one of the twins gets hurt. They stop whatever they are doing to find out why their twin is crying. If one is in pain the other one is often crying right along with them. They do not tend to cry along with their brother when he is in pain so I think it is a twin thing.

The quads are only 9 months and are just starting to notice and interact with each other. I am so interested to see if they remain a foursome or if they will pair off. I think the bond between the four of them will be so amazing to watch.

What are your tips for celebrating joint birthday parties?

My husband and I have decided that we will celebrate first birthdays with a big celebration with friends and family but after the first birthday we will do something as a family that will allow us to have an adventure. We have done Disneyland for our girls 4th and 5th birthday and are planning on going to Oregon for our sons 3rd birthday.

The reason we have decided to do this is since we have more "multiples" birthday than singleton birthdays people will not feel obligated to purchase 2-4 gifts at a time. We also do not need anymore toys so I cringe at the idea of finding more spaces to put things. Also birthday parties are not cheap affairs anymore and I would rather give my kids an adventure that will allow them to make memories and spend time as a family.

On the kids birthday we do make a big deal out of 'their' day and allow each child to feel special. We attempt to sing Happy Birthday to each child but sometimes we forget and they get all names thrown into one but they do each get to blow out their own candles. Since we have two sets of multiples our kids think it is totally normal to celebrate more than one kids birthday on one day!