Live, Laugh, Love...Our Way

This is where we share our crazy adventures of being newlyweds, an Air Force family, Christian family, and a firefighting family. We're also raising our first Air Force Brat!! We're trying to find our way between our military and civilian life.

Amy is a winner of Top 25 Military Moms - 2012

What do you love about being a military mom?

The things that I love the most about being a military mom are, meeting new people from all over the country and all over the world, that I have a common bond with. Another thing is having such an amazing husband, and watching him teach our son everyday what it is to be noble, caring, loving, honest, hardworking, and just a good person all around. I love watching the two of them together. It melts my heart. And I know that my husband will be great with all our future children as well!

What advice would you give to moms on how to build a new support circle after a move?

Get out there and meet people. If you're religious, find a church. Sign your kids up for activities, and talk to other moms that are there. Always keep your support system from your last assignment as well. While Skype and phone time aren't the same, the are immensely helpful and just as special. Don't let good friends disappear out of your life just cause they or you PCS

What's a tip for helping kids cope with a parent's absence?

Have the parent that is deployed/TDY, etc. record a story book. That way your child can still hear their voice whenever they want to. Get your child a daddy bear, or something similar. If you can, send photos back ad forth through email or text messaging. Skype every opportunity that you get. Always talk about the absent parent. Look at pictures, or create a scrapbook that your child can carry around with them in a diaper bag or book bag. Look into Reunited through Reading. You'll figure out the things that work for you and the things that don't. Have patience, it's hard on the little ones when things change for any reason.