I'm living my dream in France, transforming an old stone villa and giving it some soul, most of which I find whilst scouring the flea markets for vintage charm. I love shabby chic, vintage and just plain 'old' stuff that I can renovate and recycle.

How did your decorating style change when you became a mom?

What's your advice on creating a beautiful family space that works for both kids and adults?

How would you decorate a child's room on a budget?

What's the best gear for playing outside? Please include a link to any product you recommend.


For us it would be wellies (in rainy season) or flip flops and a great imagination. I would go even further that Lara's suggestion of low-tech and would suggest no-tech! The Tweenies and I are off into the garden now, each have a small spade and we are off to plant some bulbs and get the second batch of lettuce into the ground. It's so beautiful to create something in your garden and even if you live in an apartment you can be just as creative with a window box of balcony planter. Whether it be flowers or produce, the children get an immense amount of pride planting and with the twins it becomes a daily ritual before we hop into the car for school to see if the plants have grown. There is also something so wonderful about growing your own food, it just tastes a million times better than supermarket produce. Happy Easter and Happy Sowing! Mama B
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