Living on a Coupon

I'm a budget savvy mom on the hunt for a good deal. I'm know for couponing with a purpose. I believe in putting my stockpile to work. Though you might know me as the super mom from TLC's Extreme Couponing, TLC's All Stars and TLC's Black Friday.

On average, how much do you save each month by using coupons?

What type of products can you almost always find coupons for?

Which chain store have you found offers the best coupon deals?

What's the most you've ever saved on a shopping trip by using coupons?

What's an affordable and fun family activity?

Jessica Hacker

There are plenty of homemade crafts that are great fun and an easy way to get your kiddos involved. One of my family favorites is making a colored rice box. Rice is very inexpensive compared to sand. We make all sorts of colors and keep our homemade ricebox in a large rubbermaid so we can play with it anytime of the year or even take it with us Grandma's house! Great for those winter blues! How to make colored rice: In a ziploc bag mix 1 1/2 cup of Rice, 2 tbsp. of Rubbing Alcohol & about 20 drops of food coloring (more if you want a more vibrant color). zip the bag and let your kids squish the bag until all the rice is coated with the food coloring. Allow the rice to dry, pour into a container of choice and let the fun begin. We like to hid little treasures in the ricebox so my daughter can dig for the hidden treasures!
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