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Do you think the government should pay stay-at-home moms for their work of raising children and managing a household?

Amanda Jillian

I don't think we should be paid for it, but I do think that we should be recognized for what we do. It's important to raise smart and considerate kids, at least I think it is. Not only that but if we at least recognized stay-at-home moms are a JOB it will help to end the treatment of moms who stay at home. Also if we think about the moms that are on any type of government assistance that are going to "work experience" or "work study" type places they then send their kids to daycare on the tax payers dime and they aren't actively looking for work, or really improving their skill set much. At least from what I saw during my time as one. I would much rather skimp on everything and be able to put my kids health and welfare ahead of going being sent to a GED school when I had a graduated high school already. That's where your tax dollars sent me. Wouldn't it be better if they could list their kids as a job, then they aren't just sending them to daycare and playing on computers and such all day. It took them over a year to realize they sent me to a GED school when I had my diploma, and they didn't remove me either. Plus there's the whole point of I like my kids, I want to be with them, and I do consider it a job to raise good children, that are polite, intelligent, and considerate. Plus I also am taking care of my grandparents.
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