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I'm a mom of four big kids. This new season of parenting has given me extra sleep, time to think, read, and pray for longer than five minutes. This blog gives me the opportunity to write about our fun family and our quirky lives.

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My Favorite Family Activity

My favorite family activity is Friday night movie and pizza. We make yummy homemade pizzas, pick out a movie we've never seen or seen a thousand times, spread out blankets, and enjoy! We started doing this when my kids were little, but they still really enjoy it. Now I just have to make more pizzas! As they've gotten older and activities have increased, our pizza/movie nights have become less consistent which, fortunately, has increased the pleasure in our night together. We are learning to never take time together for granted!

How Blogging Changed My Family Life

Blogging has changed my family life in a simple way. My kids often chime in on a funny story by saying, "Mom, you're going to have to blog about this." All four kids are faithful readers. It will be interesting when they are old enough to decide to start leaving comments. I can't wait to read what they have to say!

A Unique Feature of My Blog

A unique feature of my family blog is that I am also the staff leader for the women's ministry of my church. I frequently blog about what I'm learning in my faith or what I desire to teach others which often includes the many good, difficult, and amazing lessons I learn about parenting.

Do you have suggestions to help dads more comfortably participate in "mommy and me" events?

Angel Haynes

Because of my faith, my honest answer to this question is to drop the insecurity. Be confident in the God given roll in which you've found yourself. In my opinion, the best way to feel comfortable in any situation that you may not "fit in" is to keep your eyes on your child, smile, and work at being the best dad (or mom) you can be for him/her. Confidence goes a long way in bringing about comfortability.
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What's your family's favorite board game, and why? (Please mention the best ages for the game)

Angel Haynes

I have older kids, so as a family we've started playing Catch Phrase and Taboo together. The hilarity abounds when they try to describe different words! For my two oldest we enjoy Ticket to Ride. The game challenges them to grow in their strategic thinking, but still offers us time to talk and enjoy each others company.
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