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Lora is a winner of Top 25 Mom Vlogs - 2013

Where do you find vlogging inspiration?

I find my vlogging inspiration from my children. I've been filming everything I could, since I was in 5th grade, when I bought my first video camera with my baby sitting money. Even as a kid, I wanted to capture every memory I could, and wanted to be able to watch those videos back as I got older, and remember making those memories. Now, I want to capture every moment of my boys' lives that I possibly can, so they can re-live those memories as they get older. My husband and I also love being able to watch these videos back and remember just how tiny our kids once were, how big I really was when i was pregnant with them, and how much fun we've had as a family, raising our boys and giving them a happy childhood. I feel like it all goes by SO quickly, so i want to preserve as much of their childhoods as I can. You'll never regret having too many pictures and videos!

What tips would you give a mom who wants to start video blogging?

The number one tip I would give a mom who wanted to start vlogging would be; DON'T let the haters get to you!! It is SO easy for haters to hide behind their computers, judge you, and leave nasty comments. It's very hard to deal with at first, but you do grow a thicker skin and learn to focus on all the positive, supportive comments you get, and block the haters. Just remember, if someone if trying to bring you down, it means you're already above them. Another big tip would be, always use good lighting!! There is nothing more annoying than watching someone vlogging in horrible lighting. It sounds like a small thing, but trust me, good lighting goes a LONG way and can make a big difference in how many people actually stick around to continue to watch you. The better quality your videos are, the better your channel will do. And my last tip is; Be honest, be relate-able, be yourself. People want to find other moms that they can relate to and understand. Viewers love when you're honest and open, and they feel like they really know you. Don't try to be anyone else.

How do you balance vlogging and motherhood?

For me, vlogging and motherhood go hand-in-hand. In my house, part of the job description for being a mom, is making sure you film as much of the kids' childhoods as you can. From holidays, to road trips, play time, and craft time, it's all special and all goes by too quickly. I've trained myself to ALWAYS have my camera battery charged, because there is never a day that goes by that I'm not filming. It's not even something I have to balance, it's just a given! It doesn't matter what we do, I will be filming. For me, vlogging is simply part of motherhood.