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What is your favorite holiday family tradition and how did you start it?

Ellen Seidman

My son, Max, came into this world December 10. He had a stroke at birth and ended up in the NICU for two weeks. We knew he had brain damage; at first, we weren't sure he would live. He did. Despite the grim things we were told by doctors—that Max might never walk or talk, that he could have cognitive disabilities and hearing and vision issues—he went on to defy their predictions. Max walks. He is bright. He has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy and has issues with speech and using his hands but he is the most determined kid I ever met, a kid who charms everyone he meets. Every December 24th, to celebrate my son's release from the hospital, I make a donation to a group that supports kids in need, such as Save The Children. And then I give Max eleventy billion hugs.
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