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Lynlee's Petite Cakes specializes in fondant and party inspiration! Readers will find party ideas, cupcake designs and fondant tutorials as inspiration for unforgettable celebrations.

Lynlee is a winner of Top 25 Party Planning Moms - 2013

What's the most creative dessert idea you've come up with for a party? Please share a link if you have one.

For my mother's birthday last year, I wanted her to feel relaxed and pampered, so I decided to throw her a spa-themed party. For the dessert table, I used several different creative desserts that tied back to the theme. The cupcakes were made to match the black rock decor, also resembling a fountain with bamboo embellishments. Other thematic desserts included cucumber rice krispies, pumice stone biscotti, cotton marshmallows, loufa cotton candy, nail file wafers, facial scrub yogurt and more! I love relating party details back to the overall theme, especially with the dessert table!

What's a cool DIY project you would recommend for party decorations?

I think one of the most impactful ways to make a party table stand out, whether it be food or deserts, is to creatively display the buffet/label cards relating back to the party's theme! Here are some examples:

*Gnomeo & Juliet party: Signs were displayed on metal plant markers inside wooden pots for this garden party (

*Come Fly Away party: Signs were made to look like miniature boarding passes (

*Miss Piggy in Paris: Labels showed off the "Editor's Picks" in this fashion-themed party (

*Growing up 80's: Dessert signs were made to look like pockets of 80's acid wash denim (

*Vintage Hawaiian Luau: Food and dessert signs were glued to bamboo sticks and displayed in miniature metal buckets filled with sand (graham crackers) (

What are some of your favorite kid-friendly party snacks that are healthy too?

Ooh, this is a hard one, seeing as my specialty lies in cupcakes and desserts! My go-to healthy snacks usually center around fruit! Fruit is sweet and delicious and not only are kids drawn to it, but you can create beautiful, colorful displays matching back to your themes! For example, you can make fruit skewers for a luau, but also call it fairy wands. You can layer them on a serving dish to resemble a rainbow. You can make miniature boats out of oranges and lemons. The possibilities are endless, as long as you are creative! But at the end of the day, my preference will always be cupcakes! After all, as Bill Cosby once said, cake has eggs, milk, wheat... sounds healthy to me! ;)

What's a great theme you've done for your child's birthday? Please share a link with a photo.

Lynlee Beckett

For my daughter's fifth birthday this year, she requested a Toy Story-themed party, which was perfect to entice both boys and girls! I decided to focus on the latest movie, "Toy Story 3", where the premise of the film centered around the toys that are mistakenly donated to Sunnyside Daycare. I wanted to execute the theme, but at the same time avoiding making it overly commercial. Therefore, I re-created the daycare feel to make the kids feel like they were the newly donated toys and, with the help of the party activities, re-created the characters' adventure, along with the prevalent use of cardboard boxes throughout the decor! Check out the full details of the party at
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Cabbage Patch Kids, the Bionic Woman, Lite-Brite...what toy from your childhood are you most nostalgic about? Please include a link if you can find one.

Lynlee Beckett

Oh, it's just too difficult to pick just one! I loved Cabbage Patch Kids, Popples, Pound Puppies, Care Bears... the list goes on and on! I recently threw an 80's-themed party as a throw back to my childhood and all the toys and nostalgic items from that decade! ♥
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