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The Mad Mom is journalist Vivian Manning-Schaffel's piss take on the wild and wooly world of pop culture through a breeder's lens. Dig?

When you need a good laugh, where (besides your own blog) do you turn?

What's your child's weirdest habit?

What's the most bizarre parenting product or children's toy you've seen or heard of?

What's a parenting rule you should break and why?

Vivian Manning-Schaffel

Give thyself a break. Stop thinking there are rules. New parents aren't graded on how they swaddle or what language they use around their kids, but it's almost as if we wish we were because we're all desperate to get it right. So we immerse ourselves in first, second and third hand advice to validate decisions that are largely intuitive and subjective --there IS no right. So trust yourself and your love for your kid and stop freaking yourself out. Besides, by the time you have a second kid, your litmus for a good day will be reduced to whether you've all got clothes on. Viv from Soapbox Dirty, the artist formerly known as The Mad Mom
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