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Mama Bicycle

Safe, Economic and Fun with babies and kids The Mama Bicycle with a basket on the front is for mamas, papas, babies & kids. Why not try it?

Shuichi is a winner of Top 25 Outdoorsy Moms - 2012

Which outdoor activities do you do on a weekly basis?

I take my daughters to a park, a forest , a mall! or a river for them to walk around. It is convenient for us to go there by riding my Mama Bicycle. Before visiting we talk about what we will do on the bike. After departing we talk about what was interesting. It takes fastest to go from my door to there of all the ways of transportation and we can talk everywhere, on the destination and on the bike. :)

What's your favorite outdoor activity to do with your kids in the summer?

Swimming and digging the seashore to get clams. It is the most pleasant for my daughters.

What's one tip you'd give to moms who have a hard time fitting outdoors time into their busy lives?

Biking a Mama Bike :) It is enough.

What's most important when you buy a bike for a child?

Shuichi Kobayashi

Personally, the most important thing is my daughter's preference. There are a variety of kid's bikes in Japan, as well as other bikes. We don't need to put too much concern about the quality of bikes since most of the bikes in Japan are ranked high quality. We also think about how long the bike will be ridden. First, if the bike is for a three years old child, we will choose a 12 inches wheel. But then if the bike is for a six years old kid, we usually choose 20 ~ 24 inches wheel. If we choose a bike with a wheel that is over 20 inches, our children will be able to ride the bike for approximately four or five years. That's a reasonable period. Anyway, such wheel sizes are also important, I think. Thank you for reading. Link to related blog posts :
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How can moms find time to work out?

Shuichi Kobayashi

I'd like to write about my activities with my daughters. Sorry, I am an ordinary father in Japan, however I may have much more opportunities to be with my daughters. I believe that being with them is the most precious time of all. So I always take them out seating them on my Mama Bicycle. To a park, a river side to go fling a kite, a grocery shop, a library, a meet shop, a school, a Karaoke bar, a temple and every where I can go briefly. Recently I took them Sento. I would appreciate if you check these all activities on my blog. Thank you.
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What's the best gear for playing outside? Please include a link to any product you recommend.

Shuichi Kobayashi

Of course, Mama Bicycle. Biking is good. Ah, I will also brought a kite at a river side. Thanks.
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Please share a link to a photo of your child's funniest drawing.

Shuichi Kobayashi

Daughters like to draw or create anything everywhere! -Drawing pictures along a riverside. -Wonderful flower arrangements -At a kindergarten Ah, I only have my bike blog, Mama Bicycle. Of course, they always draw pictures at home more often :)
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