Mama C and the Boys

One single mother's journal of a transracial life made all the better through adoption, birth, and chaos with consistency.

Catherine is a winner of Top 25 Adoption Blogs by Parents

Why did you decide to adopt?

Adoption wasn't as much a decision, as a path I was on since as long as I can remember. If I could do it over again, I would choose the same path over and over again--because adoption offers you so many opportunities to grow in addition to all the ways parenting in it's own right transforms you. Transracial parenting then turns you inside and underneath. If you land on your head, you are doing your best! I was also so fortunate to be invited into an open adoption--another powerful opportunity to expand. All this and more is what you read and muse about with us over at Mama C and the Boys

What was the biggest challenge or hurdle you faced in the adoption process?

I didn't have any hurdles or challenges really. It was an amazingly smooth process--6 months long from start to when my son was in my arms. There was a very hard period after that, where the finalization was delayed and delayed and delayed. But even that piece came will all sorts of gifts in terms of support and connections.

When and how did you (or will you) tell your child they were adopted?

My son has known since he was born, literally and figuratively. This is a reference to all the research now around infant memories and emotional life. He experienced this life altering loss at two days old. And I have been telling him about his first or birth mom since before he could speak. We have picture of her all over the house, and are going to visit her this summer. His adoption story is a cornerstone to his identity, and my job is to nurture that, so he has everything he needs to navigate that life emotionally as he grows up.