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What has having a big family taught you about motherhood?

Having a big family has taught me many things through out the years here are a few of them:

To pick and choose my battles. If it isn't going to make a difference later in life or harm my children then I need to think what does it really matter.

How to take advantage of all free time after kids are in beds :)

To trust God when I am having a rough day. Start each day with prayer and trust that he will get me through anything.

Laugh at the things I want to cry or yell about.

Each child is so different and has their own personality that needs to be flourished and loved for who they are.

You can't spoil babies, holding and snuggling them while they are still little will do them no harm and will give you an amazing relationship with your child.

Kids grow up so fast do all the loving that you can while you can. Cherish every moment you have life is to short.

Kids bounce back from even the most horrible situations faster then you could ever imagine.

Nursing your baby when possible is the most amazing bonding experience between a baby and their mother possible. It also gives them so much better nutrients.

What tips do you have for meal planning?

We meal plan by the month, for a few reasons.
~First off it stops me from purchasing items we really don't need
~Second off I don't like going shopping.
~Lastly I don't end up having to run to the store to pick up last minute items.

I look around to find the cheapest places to purchase our staple items even if it means that I have to go to a few different places to find the products we need. Sam's Club is cheaper then shopping deals I have found for some of our items. They do carry organic products so that makes me even happier.

I go to a monthly local co-op in the area where I can find organic flour, oats, popcorn, and so much more all in bulk from farmers for a great price.

I get local produce from the farmers market and go weekly to pick up our vegetables, some fruits, and raw honey.

I make as much as I can, we make our own Jam, bread, muffins, popcorn, and more.

We can vegetables and freeze fruits that are in season so we can enjoy them through out the winter and still know where are produce is coming from.

We grow as many fruits and vegetables as we can during the growing season.

How do you get your children involved with chores? Please share what age these tips are appropriate for.

My children help through out the day with chores as soon as they can walk, the littlest ones can help put their dirty clothes into the basket or help feed the animals and many other ideas.

The big kids help with making meals, helping with major cleaning and helping babysitting when mom has appointments or needs to get work done.

We do not pay the children for their chores but they earn their 30 minutes of TV time for the day and a small amount of game time for the week by finishing all their chores first. We feel that in a house of 8 people the kids need to learn we all need to work together to make our household work and get everything done.

If we have a vacation coming up or the kids want to be able to earn money for something. We will give each of the kids a Mason Jar and have them do chores for marbles, the marbles each equal a monetary amount and are added to the jar ONLY after mom or dad has had a chance to check them over.

Please share a favorite recipes for a yummy smoothie your kids love and may not realize is good for them.


We love making smoothies using different ingredients from green smoothies to fruit yogurt smoothies it's something ALL of my kids will eat!
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