The Mamma Movement

An awesome combo of the written word an video teaching to come along side Mammas, and give some much needed ENCOURAGEMENT, and to CHALLENGE Mammas to be present in their daily mothering, and to mother in 3D!!!

shona is a winner of Top 25 Canadian Moms - 2012

What's a great destination for a family vacation in Canada?

Port Dover is a beach town that hussels and bussles in the summer with little shops, and cafes and icecream parlours, and a beautiful beach to enjoy those hot summer afternoons!

In what ways is your home town unique from other places you've lived or traveled?

Chippawa is so quaint and cozy and community oriented, that we are pleased to have that as our Canadian home base! It is unique in the fact that it is like a diamond in the rough, you do not really know it is there, but it is so beautiful with the Niagara River, and Niagara Falls in it's backyard!

What outdoor activity do you enjoy doing most with your kids?

Walks in the forrest...we have always taken the kids hiking, and for trail walks, even as newborns! It is so healthy for both mamma and baby to be out there taking it all in, and enjoying the fresh air!

What's your best tip for teaching a gradeschooler about money?

Shona Hjertberg

We give our children three jars.... so when the child receives money, ie for birthday etc... they decide how much of that goes into the jars... jar 1: for saving, jar 2: for giving, jar 3: for spending! it really teaches children the principles of think about money in 3d not just for selfish reasons! plus then they can physically SEE the money in the jars, I know we all put our money in the bank, but a child needs to connect the reality of that money! hope that helps!
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Spring is almost here! What's an activity you love to do with your kids in the springtime? Please include a link to a picture if you have one!

Shona Hjertberg

Here In Sweden they have a tradition for Easter... where you decorate the bare tree branches with colourful feathers. I love doing this with the kids because it is fun, and bright and you can sense the new green on the trees that is coming because as you add the feathers you see the tree buds starting to form. I love how colorful the trees become it is very symbolic coming out of a long Swedish dark winter... When Spring is in the air... feathers go on the tree! Shona from The Mamma Movement.
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