Marathon Mom

Marathon running mom balancing a healthy life: full-time college faculty, run coach, runner and mom to a busy toddler. Working to provide my family healthy meals through kitchen experiments.

Jen is a winner of Top 25 Health & Wellness Moms - 2012

What's one tip you'd give to moms struggling to make time for physical activity?

Take time to think of yourself, it is okay to be selfish at times. Activity will refresh us as moms. Find ways to multi-task: run/walk to the store, bike to the park, etc. Engage the family in activity anf make it fun. It takes work at times but it can be done, find other moms to meet and workout with, join a group, find a goal and reach for it.

What's your best advice for moms trying to get healthy?

Start with small changes and start simple. Substitute healthier food options, add in activity you enjoy and accept that you may slip from the healthy options. Be excited about the healthy lifestyle and involve everyone. Let the kids help make the healthy meals, pick foods, etc. Remember every change we make as moms gives or kids better examples of health. We can be role models for healthy behavior and raise healthier children.

What motivates you to stay active while raising a family?

I feel great staying active. I am lucky the have a supportive husband allowing me time to workout but always make it a priority in the day. I know this is my time to focus on me and not worry about what is needing to be done at home. For me running makes me a better mom and wife. It is my time to reenergize. Racing helps me burn off stress and shows my daughter how strong we can be as women and moms.