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Anne is a winner of Top 25 Product Review Moms - 2012

What are your favorite products that you've seen this year that would make great stocking stuffers?

This year I think there are A LOT of great items for stocking stuffers. Some of my favorite items are Livrada e-Book Gift Cards, K'NEX, and movies!!! This year, there are a lot of great movies that I am sure will be a hit as a gift.

What's your favorite resource for discovering new products?

The internet! I love learning about new products from other moms who enjoy reviewing products and introducing them to others!

Whats the best parenting product you've ever reviewed?

Honestly, the best parenting product I have reviewed, is a HAAN Power & Finesse Steam Cleaner. I know, you don't think of that as a 'parenting product' but it really is. This cleaner has allowed me to sanitize items quickly and keep my kids safe! Not only did it clean effectively, it made life easier and allowed me more time with the kids.

Does your family have a special St. Patrick's Day tradition? Please also include a link to a photo, if you have one.

Anne Younger

Last year we cooked our first official St Patty's meal complete with corned beef and cabbage. It was absolutely fabulous and I am looking forward to doing it again this year!
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What's a great toy for outdoor play that costs less than $15? Please share a photo or link if you have one.

Anne Younger

There are many great items that you can buy to encourage outdoor play for less than $15. I am a big fan of the local dollar store and love to grab bubbles, chalk, paint brushes, water colors and any other items that I think my kids will enjoy outdoors. Last Summer, one of the best purchases we made was an infant swing for our little one that hangs from the pergola in my parents backyard and she loves to swing the day away. You can see her having fun swinging in the post below.
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What's your favorite toddler bedtime book?

Anne Younger

Our absolute favorite bedtime book is Love You Forever. It is a book I have read to all of my kids from birth and on and I hope it is something they will continue to do with their kids when they are grown.
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