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Memoirs of a Single Dad

An increasing number of singles are single parents, and yet, I still feel a very over-looked aspect of parenting is the perspective of a single father. Single parents overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges every day. This is my story.

The Most Rewarding Part About Being a Single Parent

A Piece of Advice for Other Single Parents

What's your favorite holiday app?

Daniel Brent Ruyter

My favorite app can be used year-round - I have used it for months before my holiday shopping began. I can't hardly imagine shopping without 'Pic2Shop' now. With prices all over the place from store to store and add to that competition from the internet, how do you know you're getting those purchases at a good price? Easy - just scan it! Pic2Shop is a barcode scanner for iPhone4/4s, Droid & Windows Mobile phones with a camera. Just scan the barcode of the product you want competitive pricing on and in a few seconds you'll have a list of other stores' prices, including online stores!
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What are your three favorite picture books for children? (please specify the age range)

Daniel Brent Ruyter

"Monday is One Day" by Arthur A. Levine. Targeted for beginning readers <5 years old. It's written by a father that just can't wait to get home from work to see his son again. Easy to read but also a great message for single or working parents and their children. "Lego Star Wars: The Visual Dictionary" by Simon Beecroft. My son is 9 years old and has had this book for 2 years and still reads it on a regular basis. He took this book on a road trip to Iowa (24 hours from Florida) and read & looked at the pictures for hours. "You Can Do a Graphic Novel" by Barbara Slate. This one is targeted towards tweens and teens and encourages creativity and thinking outside the box. I think this book is awesome at showing kids that they CAN be artists / graphic novelists if they want to and gives a pretty good blueprint for them to get started.
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