Mid Life Vegan+


Fortysomething and Vegan -- Same Life, Only Better

What's your favorite vegan or vegetarian friendly product?

I'm coming up with new favorites all the time, but fresh, organic, whole plant foods top any "product" on the market.

What's the biggest misconception people have about being a vegan or vegetarian?

That the lifestyle change is a sacrifice -- it's not -- it's a reward!

What's your best tip for families who want to start living a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle?

Before subtracting anything, ADD more fabulous, flavorful, fresh food. Also, avoid "substitutes" (fake cheeses/meats etc.) for as long as possible. Early tastes of these will be disappointments. Processed foods of all kinds are inferior anyway. Begin to notice how healthy, whole, real food makes you FEEL. It will then become addictive!