Thrifty DIY Diva

I'm a proud Army wife, mom of 3 little ones under the age of 6, and a foodie-in-training. I love creating new and fun recipes and sharing frugal living tips to help make others lives easier!

On average, how much do you save each month by using coupons?

We usually save about 30-40%, but get a lot of "freebies" at the drugstores, so at times can be like 100%!

What type of products can you almost always find coupons for?

Toothpaste - always! That's why I have a huge stockpile of toothpaste - it's always free after coupons and points at the drugstores!

Which chain store have you found offers the best coupon deals?

Stores that allow double or triple coupons. Harris Teeter is awesome!

What's the most you've ever saved on a shopping trip by using coupons?

About 95%!

Do you have a recipe for a useful homemade cleaning product (detergent, soap, or other product)?

Michelle Dudas

I use baby wipes to clean up juice stains on the carpet. They work best when the stain is still new, so have some wipes handy! The best wipes to use? Pampers :)
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What's a great source to buy formal clothing for children?

Michelle Dudas

Don't buy - instead, ask friends, families, or even neighbors if you can borrow! You may also want to consider a Kids Clothing Swap between yourself and friends and others, to save money year round and not just on formal attire :)
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What are your tips for organizing a child's closet so that you can stay ahead of growth spurts and seasonal changes?

Michelle Dudas

I organize my child's drawers with all the latest sizes that she wears, current season only. Everything else that doesn't fit or is too big (or a diff. season) goes on the shelf in the closet (to get ready to donate or for when she outgrows the current ones).
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