Millions of Miles

We are a transracial adoptive family made up of two biological children (Sadie-8 and Noah-5) and Miles (3) who was adopted in Feb. 2010 from the Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa. We are living the dream in rural Kentucky. It's crazy around...

Megan is a winner of Top 25 Adoption Blogs by Parents

Why did you decide to adopt?

Our family has two homegrown kids. We thought that two was enough, but when we began to really understand the orphan crisis and God's call on our lives to care for orphans, we thought ,"Why not adopt!"

What was the biggest challenge or hurdle you faced in the adoption process?

We had an incredibly smooth adoption process. From start to finish our adoption only took 7 months. No hurdles here!

When and how did you (or will you) tell your child they were adopted?

Our family is multicultural/multi racial. There is no hiding the fact that our youngest is adopted! In fact, we'd never want to hide it anyway. In our home, all cultures and colors are celebrated and we have had an open dialouge about what it means to be adopted from the first day we saw our son's referral picture.