Mishegas of Motherhood


Ellie Grossman's award-winning writing combines domestic satire with Jewish wisdom that applies to all modern families. Her book "Mishegas of Motherhood" is guaranteed to tickle your soul--or your money back.

Ellie is a winner of Top 25 Book Author Moms - 2012

What tips would you give a mom who wants to write a book?

So many moms are publishing their “momoirs” these days, so write something that sets you apart from the rest. Ask yourself, “What would I like to read that isn’t already for sale in the marketplace?”

For several years I wrote a parenting humor column called “Mishegas of Motherhood,” which combines the modern domestic satire of Erma Bombeck with ancient wisdom of the Jewish thinkers. I try to write in a way that’s both entertaining and enlightening, and many people who buy my book aren’t even Jewish, probably because raising children to leave the nest is universally appealing. My readers actually asked me to put together a collection of favorite essays, and that’s what I did. It was a great way to break into the book industry, and I hope to follow up with a second book, but not necessarily the same format.
My advice to author moms: write about what you know, what you want to know better, and what you’re passionate about.

And don’t expect to get rich, unless you write a bestseller that involves vampires or sex.

How do you balance writing and motherhood?

Some days are better than others, depending on my deadline and my hormones. Since I work from home as a freelance writer and author, it’s hard not to get distracted with things like phone calls, laundry, dinner, social media, my dog, and the Ellen DeGeneres Show. When I’m engrossed in a story, the hours disappear. I’m trying to learn how to balance my time between the creative writing process and the business aspect of selling my book. Now that my kids are teenagers they don’t seem to need me like they used to except when it comes to “What’s for dinner?” and “Can I have some money?” On the rare occasion that we’re are all home at the same time, I like for everyone to sit at the table and have dinner together. I’ll be an empty nester before I know it, so I really try to be present with them when they allow me to. Otherwise, I write whenever I can, and that includes when I’m wide awake at 3 a.m.

Where do you find writing inspiration?

Everything inspires me. I get a lot of story ideas from my own life, including my husband, two kids, and my apricot toy poodle, but not necessarily in that order. Reading good writing also inspires me. As a blogger, I try to stay on top of current events and pop culture, giving it my own spin.