Miss Spartacus


I work too much to be a stay at home mom, I stay at home too much to be a working mom. I love my family, I hate traffic cops. Oh, and I love cake.

What's the funniest thing your child has ever done or said?

What always makes you laugh?

Talking sandwiches are always funny to me. People walking into glass doors crack me up. And farts or fart jokes can usually elicit a chuckle.

What's the funniest gift you've ever received?

What unhealthy eating habits or cravings have you developed since becoming a mom? Please include a picture if it's relevant.


My "off" diet consists of soggy cereal off a highchair tray, peas and corn off the floor and slightly soggy bread that has had the cream cheese sucked off. God forbid she should leave me any of the good stuff like pizza or chicken fingers. This is why I have to keep the house clean... just clean enough that eating food off of random surfaces is not "that" gross. It is certainly quicker and easier than preparing my own food.
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How did you track milestones and special moments during your baby's first year? Please share a link to an image if it's relevant.


I received a gorgeous book as a gift from Laikonik, a wonderful handmade company from Australia. The book is actually for once a year, and if you are busy/irresponsible/lazy like me, that is perfect. It has a whole page dedicated to each year. I suppose you could write on it as things happen, but I found the single "reflection" session quite nice as I noted down all my daughter's achievements and special moments from the past year. They have beautiful items, http://www.laikonik.com.au/collections/all and I think the format is perfect.
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