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Mobile Evolution

I'm a mom of three who runs an iPhone/iPad app development company with my husband. I blog about business topics and other tech subjects related the evolving mobile space, which are helpful for my fellow developers and give a behind the scenes peek.

Justine is a winner of Top 25 Tech Moms - 2013

What's your favorite kid-friendly app?

Toca Tea Party. It's simple, but the kids use it for pretend play, which leads to more possibilities for multifaceted play than any game can offer.

What tips would you give a mom who wants to become more tech savvy?

Don't be afraid to trial and error. Today's tech is less apt to cause you to lose everything. I remember a time when hitting the wrong key would delete everything. Nowadays tech is much more forgiving and just messing around helps you pick it up quickly.

What's the most innovative gadget for children you've seen?

My kids are used to tech in our family, since we're iOS developers. My daughters love their Wacom tablets. They use these to draw on their computer graphic/art programs, rather than using the mouse. The tablet is a natural way to take drawing and make it digital. It's great how kids these days just assume tech has always been in people's lives.