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What's your favorite kid-friendly app?

What tips would you give a mom who wants to become more tech savvy?

What's the most innovative gadget for children you've seen?

Why is the stay-at-home vs. working moms debate so passionate?

Kenitha White

The debate is passionate because we're women, and by nature (or maybe nurture) we are conflicted. It's all due to the mixed messages we're getting about what's acceptable for a woman in today's culture. Until there's a shift in thinking about what the role of a woman and mother should be, we'll just keep going around and around in this debate. My opinion? Either decision a mother makes is to be applauded. It's not easy leaving your child in the care of another person while you're out trying to earn an honest living. On the other hand, when you're at home caring for a young child (like me), self-doubt starts to creep in. I constantly wonder where I'd be had I not given up my career. Personally, I can't wait to get back into the work force. Don't get me wrong, I have the insight to know that the time I'm spending now with my daughter is invaluable and worth the wait, but I have a deep-seated need to feel creative and valued in other ways too. I guess that's where blogging comes in!
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