Mom Of Brats

"Mom of Brats" provides resources, interviews, news, opinions and information about military life. The blog takes a humorous look at the questions many of us and gives real life solutions/ideas for our challenges as families.

Janine is a winner of Top 25 Military Family Blogs

How Blogging Has Changed Me and My Family

By blogging about military family issues, I feel more informed about the topics that impact my family (and others). I have also gained a lot of perspective about what other military families struggle with and their opinions on the topics I cover. Mom of Brats aims at not only informing our community but also challenging them to analyze the issues that impact them and talk about how they feel about them. Because of the military culture, it can be difficult to stand up and say "this needs to be fixed." But if no one raises the "issues" than the organization as a whole does not function well — trust me: better soldiers are a product of happier families. For example, while "car registration" seems like a mundane topic, for military famlies the process can absorb a lot of time as we move from state to state — and this and other issues add up. As an aside, my kids HATE the name of my blog even though I tell them "brats" is an affectionate term in the military.

Three Words That Describe My Blog

Informative. Responsive. (And sometimes) snarky