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I am a Mom of two little ones and I blog mainly about my life with them, my struggles to balance life and work and also about my own Mom who left me quite early on. I also perform car/hotel/products/business/book reviews and giveaways.

Vinma is a winner of Top 25 Canadian Moms - 2013

What's the best part of raising a family in Canada?

The best part of living and raising my Family in Canada has to do with the resources that are readily available from the Goverment and the Community to give best education to our children, enjoy excellent medical care and also the availability of various child care options. I was very impressed with the mat leave benefits that was extended to me when I gave birth to my children here. While I got to stay with my baby home for the first one year after he was born, I was financially supported by the Government Employment Insurance. They further provides child care benefits paid every month to all families. I think that is great! Families who cannot afford day care expenses are offered subsidies. Medical benefits are free for everyone in our country. The list is endless. But what matters most to me for living in such a great country as Canada is the fact that the way it embraces diversity. People of almost all ethnicities live here and call this country home. And Canada has something to give to each and everyone and make them feel at home....

What's the biggest misconception people have about raising a family in Canada?

To answer that question, I will have to look back at myself six years ago when I first set foot in this country by marriage. I felt insecure and unsure. For some reason, I thought relationships didn't mean much here, let alone family values. I was born and brought up in a strict family atmosphere and the members in my family always stayed together. There was no moving-out when you turn 16 or dating or living together. Men in our family stayed with their parents even after marriage. I knew this was not the case in Canada, the country I was going to call home. There is so much independence and self-sufficiency in its people and their values and I was not sure how I will fit in in this picture. I was expecting 'cultural shocks' with my Canadian Family life. But all my doubts and insecurities were put to rest immediatly. I felt home and completly at ease with the culture I started calling my own soon enough. I realized that Canada is in fact the best place to raise my family and I count my blessings to this day about it.

What do your kids love most about living in Canada?

Both my kids loved the Ontario Early Years- Centers funded by our provincial goverment where the children come together and take part in fun activities and programs. Parents and Caregivers can get their questions answered by Professional Child Care experts from these places. There are programs for available for all age groups and they are free. Another thing my kids love is the parks in our neighborhoods put up by the City where they can go and play all day long. There are swings, slides and gliders. Evenings at the park are something we all look forward to. Canada is considered as a kids friendly country!