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Momma In Flip Flops

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Andrea is a winner of Top 25 Product Review Moms - 2012

What are your favorite products that you've seen this year that would make great stocking stuffers?

Piggy Paint! Personalized on what colors your child really loves.

What's your favorite resource for discovering new products?

Definitely other mom blogs.

Whats the best parenting product you've ever reviewed?

I'd have to say my baby carriers - the Sleepy Wrap & the Boba 2G. They've both been life savers, allowing me to parent the way we would like and what works for our children. Definitely have helped me become the best mom I can be!

What is the best product you've reviewed that you think every mom should own? (please include a link to the review)

Andrea Summers

I was able to review the Twin Indie from BumbleRde. This is the best double stroller ever! I use it almost daily and know several moms that have purchased because of checking out mine who love theirs just as much as I love mine.
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