Momma Maven In The Making!

Momma to The Dudes est. 2009 & 2011, business owner, nurse, perpetual student, sassy beer drinker, prissy tomboy, loving life in my mile high suburban bubble complete with chickens and ducks.

What advice would you give a mom who wants to be a mompreneur?

Jump in head first. I had just finished years of college in my chosen profession as a nurse, had a new job, following the path I thought I wanted for myself when I decided to abandon ship and lose all sense of sanity to open my own business on a whim. I didn't have the slightest clue what I was doing but I decided to dive in and give it a shot and I taught myself everything along the way. It was one of the craziest decisions I've made to date, just ask those in my 'circle' who were less than supportive.... but I'd love to hear what they have to say now... I get the last laugh, you know.

What tips do you have for connecting with other mom bloggers?

Initiate. You have to put yourself out there in order to get anything in return, something I've struggled with my entire life. I'm one of the most outgoing individuals on the planet but I have a very timid side as well, this is something I've slowly learned to get over, I've been forced out of my comfort zone and it's all been for the better. Go out and connect with other moms, say hello at the park, be a better listener than a talker and you're sure to form a connection.

How do you balance being a mom and and an entrepreneur?

The best advice I can give about this is to tell you that there is no such thing as balancing it. One side will go up while the other goes down and you have to accept that going into it.There's a constant state of inbetween but everything will come full circle again. You absolutely can do it all but you have to cut yourself some slack, you'll never be the most magnificent business woman in the universe while being the perfect Martha Stewart mom simultaneously. You have to allow yourself to be pretty good at all things rather than perfect at one thing.