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Momma T and Baby E

Momma T and Baby E features eco-friendly and family friendly reviews as well as crafts, recipes, and more!

Trisha is a winner of Top 25 Product Review Moms - 2012

What are your favorite products that you've seen this year that would make great stocking stuffers?

I can't recall coming across any new or recently introduced products but some other great potential stocking stuffers come to mind! I've seen a lot of natural/eco-friendly/green toys that I think would make FANTASTIC stocking stuffers that any child would enjoy!

Natural, Eco-friendly, Green-
- Veggie Crayons from WeeCanToo
- Jalopies from Tree Hopper Toys
- Match Stacks from Tree Hopper Toys
- Wooded Yo-Yo from Tree Hopper Toys
- Think Toys Color Cubes from Crunchy Momma, Crunchy Baby
- Ernest Efforts Maple Teething Rattler from Crunchy Momma, Crunchy Baby
- Piggy Pain (Nail polish)
- Green Kid Crafts subscription (

Some other great products that would make fun stocking stuffers for the kids:
- Soft Teethers
- Rattles
- Little People
- Board books
- Bath Books

- Anything One Direction (1D has a variety of merchandise that would make perfect stocking stuffers including bracelets, necklaces, lip gloss, and more)
- Diary/ Journals
- Chapstick/lip gloss
- Nail Polish
- My Little Pony Figures

- Matchbox cars
- Legos (the miniature ones)
- Hexbugs
- Action figures (Super heroes such as Batman, Spiderman, Iron man and Ninja Turtles.)

Neutral stocking stuffers:
- Bath Crayons
- Bubble bath or fizzies
- Playdough
- "Magic" wash clothes (the ones that expand when wet)
- Puzzles
- Yo-yo
- Stickers
- Tooth Brush
- Books
- The Slinky
- Silly Putty
- Origami paper
- Temporary tattoos
- Squinkies

And if you're a practical joker like myself, two words: candy coal ;)

What's your favorite resource for discovering new products?

Either PR Companies or social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter! Following a company's Facebook can be surprisingly resourceful when it comes to discovering new products.

Whats the best parenting product you've ever reviewed?

I have so many favorites that it makes it hard to narrow it down to one that I feel is the "best." I can tell you some of my favorite products I've reviewed so far, those include: the Joovy Loo (potty), DRIA Cover, TIE Chair, Green Kid Crafts and so many more!

I tend to gravitate toward multifunctional products and products that are meant to be used everyday because from a moms perspective, I find these types of products more useful.

What are your best tips for Black Friday shopping? (Please include a link if it's relevant.)

Trisha Grimes

Be prepared by making a list of the deals you want to take advantage. Once you make your list, make sure to prioritize by which items are the most important. When the big day comes, Bring a friend or 2 to help search for items. Lastly, Make sure you are well rested and dress warm!
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