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I blog about all things "Mommy", the good, the bad, & of course, the Ugly! Biracial Latina mother of two, married 20+ years to my African American husband. No topic is off limits on my blog. I talk about race, family, & mental health.

Rosalynda is a winner of Top 25 NorCal Moms - 2013

What's the best part of raising a family in NorCal?

The best part about raising a family in NorCal is the diversity! I love that my children are exposed to so many people of different ethnicities and religions. We are a multiracial family, I'm biracial myself, so it means the world to me that my kids are surrounded by diversity. So many different races, all living in harmony!

What's the biggest misconception about living in NorCal?

That there are "hippies" everywhere! LOL! Yes, there are hippies here, but they aren't Everywhere! Besides, hippies are cool! ;)

What do your kids love most about living in NorCal?

I would have to say the great outdoors! We love to travel, I also have a Food/Travel blog called This Mama Can Cook! (, so we enjoy being outdoors and exploring. Whether it's a trip to the beach (Carmel-by-the-Sea is fabulous!) or going on a Safari Adventure in Santa Rosa; some of our favorite moments have been traveling NorCal. (Did I mention Yosemite?!)

For car and plane trips, what are some small toys, games, or other fun tiny surprises to bring along or pack in your child's backpack? Please mention the age range for the item and include a link to a picture if you have one.


We love to travel! Kids get bored easily, so I like to take a few "new" toys/activities with us when we travel. (By "new" I mean recently purchased at my fave thrift shop!) Coloring books are great for our 5 yr old, he loves to color. I also take a couple of small puzzles with us, another one of his favorite activities. You can find some really cool self-contained puzzles, if you know what to look for. They come in a small wooden box and the box lid can be used as a "frame" for the puzzle. I also like to bring trail mix along for the ride!
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Can you suggest a fun summer activity like berry picking that helps kids learn where food comes from? Please link to a picture we can use if you have one.


My suggestion would be to plant your own small garden in the backyard, that's what we do. We've had a garden for the past two years. We plant strawberries, corn, bell peppers, sweet peppers, blueberries and cantaloupe. The strawberries are always a family favorite. The kids love watching the plants grow, blossom & produce yummy berries. We harvest the berries and add them to our pancakes for weekend breakfasts! Kids love helping in the garden & it makes them appreciate all the hard work that goes into growing the food we all eat.
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