The Mommy Teacher

This blog is written by two Early Childhood teachers who are both now stay-at-home moms to three young children each. We enjoy sharing our teachable moments at home to encourage parents to teach their children one activity at a time.

Jessica and Casey is a winner of Top 25 Teacher Moms - 2013

What's one of your favorite new books for children?

Jessica says: My favorite books are the "Pete The Cat" Books by Eric Litwin! For a teaser on these books YouTube them! They are all rhythmic and "cool." "I Love my White Shoes," "His Four Groovy Buttons," and "Rocking in My School Shoes" are all educational and they subliminally teach kids how to persevere in my opinion because Pete always goes with the flow and doesn't let little road blocks mess up his day.

Casey says: My favorite books are "The Pigeon" Books by Mo Willems! When we read "The Pigeon wants a Hot Dog," "Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus," etc. huge smiles are immediately plastered across their faces. I have to say, Daddy has the best Pigeon voice that even Mommy has to chuckle during storytime! These books have definitely influenced my kids' love for reading!

What advice would you give to a mom who thinks her child has too much homework?

Casey says: I would have to tell that mom to help the child develop a non-stressful homework schedule. Break the activities down for your child and order them based on difficulty or length of time they will take to complete. Ask your child which homework activity he/she would like to start with. Offer breaks as an incentive for finishing activities in a timely manner. And lastly, HELP your child with his or her homework! This is the perfect opportunity for your child to get one-on-one tutoring in each subject area. If YOU are proactive and invested in your child's education, your children will develop a higher standard of learning and will to succeed.

Jessica says: Teachers give homework to benefit children and inform families as they practice and reinforce skills that are being taught in the classroom. I would encourage parents to talk openly to teachers about the homework without "protesting" or being cynical. Learn from the teacher's choice in homework assignments, and use homework as a tool to be intentional with your child. Break the homework up into segments and take time in between assignments for a brain break, snacks, etc.

What's one of your favorite educational activities that can be done outside the classroom?

Casey says: My favorite activity outside of school is playing games! My oldest just recently grew out of the "we play by my rules" and "I always win" phase and we can actually play board games by the rules! This was such a joyous yet unexpected milestone to reach! It is so cool to see him strategize... his goal isn't to win but to make the game last as long as possible because it is so much fun!

Jessica says: I agree with Casey... definitely playing board games. Playing board games can benefit so many aspects of their cognitive and social development and it is fun for the whole family.