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In what ways is your home town unique from other places you've lived or traveled?

It's classic Balcan and primitive somewhere, and very modern, even luxurious in some families.
The one thing is the most present: the big place for investing in production in every level of industry, with very hospitable and scared people for their future.

What do your kids love most about living in the European Union?

Freedom to have ''things'' that in Macedonia can not effort, or if they wanted, their parents must sacriface something (soul peace, home, car, or even the worst - the life).
The common life is not a gift only for our kids, we are granted with good food, helathy living, green everywhere, but we need the strong, stronger and strongest in the world for our economy.

What outdoor activity do you enjoy doing most with your kids?

I love skiing, walking and talking with in winter.
In our four season we are having fun.
The most of all is learning all sport activities.

How can you help a child who has trouble making friends?

Because she/he wants to be a winner, the best. The child is educated before school, before street games at home from their parents to follow high standards of behaviour and treatment. Town, Village, State is not a property and private. Well-intended should be understanding and not to claim. Mouth is for talking constructive stories. The world is saving the energy with thinking and we should not teach our children to spending unapropriate on unimportant things. You can help somebody just with shuting your mouth and finally you will have a friend.
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What are the best art museums in the country to take kids to and why? If you've visited one with your kids that they loved and you have a picture we can use, please also share a link to the photo.

Our museum of Prilep prison from 1941 year, when fighters Prilep's Partisans attacked and begin Macedonian people uprising against the Bulgarian occupation, and in order to finally release the country. This is our holiday with preparing school programs, events and activities, giving awards to companies and individuals, sport tournaments, literary reading, and a very famous spectacle with party and fireworks in precise our when first rifle was fire in the past. Nowdays this monument is very significant place to visit in our place with all legacy, demonstration and proov of one important historical event for Prilep, Macedonia.
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We moms know a good deal when we see one! What's your favorite deal website or blog for families and why? Please share the link.

I am following most, and all of them are english language, or Serbian-Croatian pages,,,I don't know, but I believe that there I can read the latest and surely information about life styles, sporting, cook recipes, family life and child educating, cultivation. I am living in very young state with so many problems and traditional behaviour into trouble with some historical facts so long time, with poor people on every stage of mind and every social stratum, not liberated, such a frightened of goverment and it's followers of selfish interest. Below are my favorit:
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What do you do with all your digital photos? Please share your best tip for rediscovering memories and de-cluttering your hard drive.

I begin to desire bring them to Human Work Place :) into your workplace, Put a Human Voice, Breaking into the Hidden Job, deliver a webinar or a live speaking event for your group. A number of cinema productions have been filmed in Corfu, including the 1981 James Bond movie, For Your Eyes Only. Easter festivities on Corfu are so unique, gorgeus and I felt so proud and filled out in my life.
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Do your kids have a favorite non-violent video game that you'd recommend to other parents? Please share a link to the product an tell us why you AND your kids love it.

My kid is almost 9 years old now. In Prilep,Macedonia usualy children play games in the park, open places, driving a bicycle in summer days, love to swim, rollerblading, but in autumn and winter most of times we spent in home and yes, on pc. I unlike the popular games on fb (which is not for him, but almost every child have untrue fb profil here beleive me with mother or father like their administrator and public control). The first interactive games with more learning and interesting, creative catching child attention, in one way, making ready preschools children for school activities. Mi child Mihal loved dino games.
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Do you use your slow cooker/crock pot even in summer? If you have a great warm-weather crock pot recipe, please share a link to it with other moms!

I like international cooking, from so many cook books and my mum notebook full of recipes a hundred years old from my grandmother and other's, I am using my book ,,Cooking for the family,, translated from German autors, of Mladinska kniga Skopje. In this book you have 365 recipes for 365 days in year and they all are the best international recipes from all over the world: from mediteraninan cooking, healthy family feeding, easy ways, vegetarian, for children's party cooking from reserve, flash cooking, cooking with saving money etc. But I will introduce you one of our many slow caloric traditional macedonian recipes called: Musaka
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Until you're set straight it's pretty easy to install a car seat incorrectly! What's your car seat story? If you have a picture of your efforts gone awry, or even one of your child sitting in the correctly-installed car seat, please share the link!

Omg, :) But I had one child seat borrowed from my friend Katerina. So happy now when I remember this and so sorry I don't have picture of that early days of mothering, full of energy, full of giving the best for my child, even a car seat, and I think I installed correctly in the back seat, even I learn after that It's proper in the front seat, so the baby It's face to face with you and It; important to be carefuly when baby fall asleep, bending down is dangerous for baby,s breathing, if you not pay attention and left in that position for a long time. I used car seat for a short time, but it was fun driving my car in short relations in town and I didn't know this fact then.Thank you my dear Katerina Chavleska :)
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Please share a favorite recipes for a yummy smoothie your kids love and may not realize is good for them.

Yes, we have a lot of that smoothies, or drinks. We have fresh blackberries this season and we make tasty juice and all kind of fruits and vegetables in our garden are fresh and seasonal. But I want to share with you one famous drink in Macedonia that I love very much and it can be easy homemade non-alcoholic millet drink, extra for the summer called Boza, you can be your own boza maker :) From 4-5 litres cold water separate quantity amount to mix 20 g. beer yeast, one tablespoon lemon powder, 400 g sugar and 150 g maize flour. All that mix put in the rest quantity of water and boil 15 min. Drink cold. I am in the process my child to drink that :) but he loves seasonal fruit drinks and fruity yoghourt.
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From essential strokes to helpful tips for before and after swimming, what do you think kids should know about swimming and water safety?

Every swimming school or practice should have a program ex. small school, grande progressive school etc. If we have close swimm pool in town children should have swim classes in the primary or secondary school. But the best tip: that the parent shoul know and I learn from my expirience are: babies can start with swim teaching with 5 mounths old, never leting child without your attention even on 5 min. and even in 10 cm deep when you are in your own pool, you shoul ask for a professional team when you enter in some swimming school and ask for info all about swimming program, condition and amking ready before and after training.
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We're looking for creative ways to teach our kids about July 4th through art activities. If you have a fun July 4th-themed activity, please share a link with pictures we can use.

We are not celebrating 4th of July in Prilep, (Macedonia), except 12th of July - It's my birthday :) and It's a Christian Holiday - St. Petar and we have our church in my place, named St. Petar. In summer we also celebrating August 2th - It's called Ilinden (Holiday of Ilinden rising from year 1902). But we are very curiosity and friendly, and open to others holidays, we take them easy, created them like ours, just to be the part of the global movement. In our School ''Blaze Koneski'' Prilep (Blaze Koneski is a famous poet in Macedonia) we are the part of World activity ''Apple day'' because we have fields with apples tries and apple is our everyday food, and we teach our children for healthy eating - healthy life. Presentation of homemade cakes, juice, variets of aples and their history in our country Macedonia, paints done from students, debating for genettically modified apple and what it is, competition of eating and paring apples, planting apple trees, every class has their own activities to bring in name of thee apple in the school. I am working (preparing) with 2 classes in the school (5 th and 7 th grade) together to perform presentation through debating about: ,,Genetically modified apple'' ,,An apple a day keeps doctor away''
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What are some fun activities to put on a summer "bucket list" for your kids? Please link to a picture if you have one.

The Fact Of The Week The effects of laws: The judges who apply the law of watching, indicate diferent distances to be maintained for ''monsters'' in respect of their victims. The Right Distance: How many feet away from us must remain a suitor to not become too obrusive: 50, 100 or 500m? Depends on the case. Is there a correct measurement in every circumstance? In love, or in the car? And with the former? For me, the cup of milk should be on special placemat 15cm from my stomach. In this way I can see exactly what happens to the milk foam. The shirts must have long sleeves and cuff should be touching the thumb. What is stylish sleeve on forearm? - He spends all his time trying to pull it down through the sleeve of his jacket. The people in the elevator should keep a minimum distance of 20 cm from each other. And for cars, I can't stand those who make'' trains'' on the highway, because there is a fair measure of things, feelings and actions: >>Love, we'll always be together, right?; Always-always, neighbors and neighbors<
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For car and plane trips, what are some small toys, games, or other fun tiny surprises to bring along or pack in your child's backpack? Please mention the age range for the item and include a link to a picture if you have one.

ou, We are so far away from games with cars and other toys, but i would like to share wit other moms something very useful (I ahve been copied when my child was a tree years old from the computer at my work (It is a Serbian forum: Moja Beba - Powered by XMB , quotes from the same book from Michele Borba. And I was downloaded that book from net using torrenta (4M) : 1. A mother who loves teaches worth. 2. A mother who is firm and fair gives her children a moral code to live by. 3. A mother who listens shows her children they matter. 4. A mother who is a good role model gives her children an example worth copying. 5. A mother who teaches values inspires character. 6. A mother who supports her children's strengths builds their confidence. 7. A mother who encourages indipendence cultivates self-reliance. 8. A mother who applauds effort nurtures perseverance. 9. A mother who accepts her children's shortcomings nurtures resilience. 10. A mother who takes time for her children helps them build strong relationships. 11. A mother who laughs teaches joy. 12. A mother who takes care of herself holds together her happy family.
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Have a favorite summer pie recipe? Please share a link to your recipe.

mmmm, If I told you all such a tastful recipes of pie, I think I have to wigting here all day. But I want to mention some names, that you could find on net very easy. The famous are our so called ''ZELNIK'' with leeks (we have that in our garden and markets) My mother making it for special guests, and that your's named ''pie'' and our zelnik could be made with pumkin, also delicious. But I like very much apple pie, or with our name ''SHTRUDLA'' .It can be homemade with dough and so called rolling pin, but we can buy like kind of cookies with apple filling. I would like to mention also our famous speciality : ''AJVAR'' although It is not connected with this question, but I can't avoid it and It is outmn recipe and now Is outmn right? :) AJVAR: That is a juicy spicy paste that housewives prepare on Balkans. Usually is prepared only from red roasted peppers, salt and pepper, but often added and eggplants, tomatoes and pepperoni, lemon juice, vinegar, olive oil and other spices. Can be used as a supplement to ''Skara'' ( minced meat shaped like cycle), or as a finished product that you can buy in the store. It can also be mild or hot. Always buy ajvar without preservative.
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Have you seen any cute kids' rainboots or umbrellas for sale this fall? Please share a link!

Oh, I just wanted to see some home slippers or something similar for heating the feet, and all kind accesories that we need, It's cold here,,, It's good idea for one umbrella, my child love it, I want to suprise him with one funny one I do not know how much I have forgotten and lost umbrellas, and here they are very short term, but I will try to find also rainboots... Thank you for remind :)
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