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Michelle is a winner of Top 25 Teacher Mom Blogs

What's your favorite grade to teach, and why?

My favorite grade to teach is Kindergarten! I love the fact that I have an opportunity to help kids LOVE school, right from the start! I also love the fact that I get to watch kids learn to read and write - it is so fun to see them so excited to come to school each day. Kindergarten kiddos are so filled with laughter, songs and stories which makes each day teaching them an absolute joy!

How has being a teacher helped you as a parent?

Structure is definitely an important part of teaching that has definitely helped me as a parent too. Little kids thrive in a structured environment so there are things my little guys and I do each day that helps make our life easier (and happier). Structure in home home includes a morning wake up routine (breakfast, get dressed, brush teeth etc), playtime, reading time, night time routine etc.
I also think that having an "activity list" in my head has been a good thing. If we're stuck in traffic somewhere or waiting an extra long time in a resturant, there is also a short game or fingerplay that helps the time go by.

What's the number one thing parents can do to help their kids succeed in school?

Read to your kids! Read every day and read books that you can enjoy together. Not only will you be making memoroes with your child but you will be setting the up for success in school.