My Four Hens Photography

I am a natural light photographer that specializes in babies children and families based out of Connecticut. I am totally inspired by tiny beings and the beauty in the every day!

Sarah is a winner of Top 25 Photographer Moms - 2013

Do you have any good tips for teaching children about photography?

My daughter, whom just turned 11 in late May, has started to take an interest in Photography. As a mother with a passion for photography it is incredibly gratifying to know that I make my job look fun enough for my children to be possibly interested in it, because let's face it. If it isn't fun...they just aren't interested. My biggest tip would be to pace yourself. Trying to learn photography myself was frustrating. Trying to translate something so complicated to children can burn them out quickly. My best bit would be to find a good starter digital camera. I am hoping to teach my child how to shoot in manual mode, so when she gets older she has the tools to pursue it seriously if she wants to. Kids are very visual. They are also quicker learners than adults seem to be in my experience. Finding ways to make a game of things, and really learning to take it one thing at a time is best.

Where is your favorite place to take photographs?

Anywhere I happen to be. We live in Colorado, after uprooting our family from Connecticut roughly two years a go, and we tend to travel when we can around the US. My children are my muse though. Where ever they happen to be is my favorite place to photograph.

What's a creative tip for taking good photographs of children?

Keep a sense of humor a high shutter speed. Really though one of my true favorite tips for photography kids would be to get down on their level, eye level if possible and shoot low. See them as they see others. Shooting from above can be incredibly intimidating, especially if you are photographing children not used to being in front of the camera.