My Mommy Reads

I am mommy to an adorable 3 1/2 year old and am a first grade teacher. I share the books I love and primary teacher ideas!

How long have you been a teacher?

What are three of your favorite books for children? (Please share what age they are best for.)

What can parents do to help when their child doesn't like school?

What's a great gift parents can give teachers?

My Mommy Reads

I can honestly say that as a first grade teacher, ten years and counting, my favorite holiday gift is a thank you card. There is nothing better than a parent taking the time to sit and write a card or letter expressing how much they appreciate my efforts. I keep them in a "smile file" and pull them out on those rough teacher days! If a gift card to a store or coffee shop happens to accompany that card-that is great, too! I love gift cards, even $5.00 ones! I especially love when they are NOT to a teacher store! That way I can buy myself a little something and not feel guilty about it! Happy Holidays! Other faves: offer to bring me lunch in January-that is a crazy month! books for the class! an IOU for a cup of coffee delivery! Not so fun: anything that smells.....candles, lotion, perfume, etc. Scents are personal and you just never know!
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